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Add a contact management plugin to Firefox

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Mozilla Labs has revealed a Contact Management plugin for Firefox that can already be downloaded and installed within your Firefox web browser !


The Contacts add-on (or plugin) integrates with local and web-based address books to bring all of a user’s contact data into a single database, which can then be used by browser extensions or web content in other contexts or websites.

The user has first to grant permission before any content can be used by a website, and can choose exactly which fields and personal records to disclose from his contact management database.

As for now, Mozilla Labs have implemented contact importers for

  • GMail
  • Twitter
  • Mac OS X Address Book database

The Firefox contact management plugin also includes an e-mail address auto-completion feature that uses the centralized Browser Contacts database to help the user fill email fields on any web page.  The importer feature from this plugin also looks for personal icons on Gravatar, using the email addresses discovered through the other importers.

Link: Mozilla Labs Contact Experiment for Firefox

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