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Business Card Reader for iPhone

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If you are looking for an easy way to record business cards on your iPhone, then you can’t miss this mobile application !

I have been using the iPhone app called Cardreader for months and I don’t want any other way of managing my contacts


Cardreader is like a Business Card Scanner in your pocket !

It means that each time you are receiving a business card from a person you  have just met for the very first time, you can simply:

  1. take a picture of the card,
  2. let the Cardreader application recognize contact details
  3. validate any mistake that could happen (and yeah, it sometimes happens, but that’s ok !)
  4. edit (very easy) the potential errors
  5. record this new contact

And that’s it !

The new contact is recorded with also the picture of the business card and it’s already available in your iPhone contact manager !

And if you synchronize your iPhone contacts with your GMail contacts, then it’s already in your GMail contact manager as well automatically !

In the same way, iy you synchronize your iPhone contact list with your Mac or with Outlook, then you have nothing more to achieve to get you brand new « friend » available on you favorite contact manager !

You can even throw away the business card (but maybe wait to be at the office or at home to prevent any mistaken behaviour from the person you just met earlier… ;-)

The features of this powerfull contact application for iPhone :

  • automatic card orientation (portrait/landscape)
  • multi-layered photo stabilization (shake protection)
  • automatic image enhancement (in half-light)
  • automatic data assignment (name, company, telephone, e-mail etc.)
  • flexible data editing/adjustment by the user
  • any contact group can be created (group: cards, colleagues etc.)
  • automatically adds the business card photo to the contact entry
  • 3D card view (3D Card Flow) for leafing through your business cards
  • integrated manual
  • integrated recognition support for 15 languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Portuguese-Brazilian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norse-Bokmal, Norse-Nynorsk, Turkish, Indonesian)


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