23 novembre, 2012 0

Collabspot – A time-saving tool for Highrise users in Gmail

Catégorie: CRM, Mail Management

Collabspot has brought Highrise in our Gmail inbox so we can save time from all the window-swapping and customer data management between CRM and email. Increase your sales team’s CRM adoption Our sales team spends most of their time in the inbox. Moreover, using a CRM requires additional work for them to be able to manage data outside of their email. With Collabspot, adopting to a CRM such as Highrise becomes easier and this leads us to a ...

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24 septembre, 2010 0

Ultimate solution to reduce spam and improve mail management

Catégorie: Mail Management

Mail management is a task that can be improved, especially when we talk about email management, by: reducing spam entry improving antispam filtering prioritizing emails defining important contacts or subjects etc... But when dealing with postal mail, improvement in management is not that simple... unless you have a dog at home ;-) (via Gagner Du Temps)

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