SnapPea : Manage your Android contacts and content from Windows

SnapPea is one of these mobile applications that allow you to manage all your mobile content (music, pictures, contacts, etc) from a Windows PC ! To edit & update your contact details, it is way more convenient to use a real keyboard and a big screen, rather than doing it directly on you mobile phone … Lire la suite

PhoneDeck mobile : sync & manage contacts calls & sms from the web

PhoneDeck is a free web service & mobile application that allow you to manage your smartphone remotely from a simple web interface. PhoneDeck is a magic tool to : sync your contacts between your mobile & your PhoneDeck account edit your mobile phone contacts remotely backup your mobile contacts receive, read and send sms & … Lire la suite

VoiceFeed : manage and personalise your voicemail for each contact

Imagine you could personnalise your voicemail for each contact within your address book on your mobile phone ! That’s the main innovative feature brought by the brand new mobile application VoiceFeed ! VoiceFeed is an innovation for voicemail, but also a new way to communicate while you are not available, providing that you can configure … Lire la suite