How to export Linkedin contacts

I you are looking for a simple way to backup or export your contact email addresses from Linkedin, then you will be happy to see how easy it is ! Actually there is no tip at all, but you have to know Linkedin is providing directly this export feature on its own website ! Go … Lire la suite

EmailCover : Spam proof Sharing of emails on the web

EmailCover is another simple way of sharing your email on the web without any risk of being spammed by spambots ! It’s even more basic than the service offered but that offer to create spam proof email link. EmailCover transform a simple email address into a picture that is not supposed to be recognized … Lire la suite

Business Card Reader for iPhone

If you are looking for an easy way to record business cards on your iPhone, then you can’t miss this mobile application ! I have been using the iPhone app called Cardreader for months and I don’t want any other way of managing my contacts… Cardreader is like a Business Card Scanner in your pocket … Lire la suite

How to configure multiple html signatures in GMail

If you want to configure a rich-text signature for your GMail account, you are at the right place ! Some Firefox plugins or other external software was used by some GMail users to tweak their contact signature for years now, but finally the GMail team has decided to implement the possibility to edit an HTML … Lire la suite