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Collabspot – A time-saving tool for Highrise users in Gmail

Catégorie(s): CRM, Mail Management


Collabspot has brought Highrise in our Gmail inbox so we can save time from all the window-swapping and customer data management between CRM and email.

Increase your sales team’s CRM adoption
Our sales team spends most of their time in the inbox. Moreover, using a CRM requires additional work for them to be able to manage data outside of their email. With Collabspot, adopting to a CRM such as Highrise becomes easier and this leads us to a more efficient sales workflow.

  • We can instantly view contact info, upcoming and recent activities.
  • Managing Opportunities and Cases is a breeze
  • When composing an email, we can BCC to Highrise with the click of a button.


Simplify data entry into Highrise:

Having easily accessible data have encouraged our sales team for better engagement and towards more efficient use of the CRM.

  • Without opening Highrise, we can add contacts, tasks, notes, deals, and cases.
  • We can even log emails to Highrise with a single-click!

Improved data quality :

As a marketing/sales representatives and business developers, we can easily keep customer information up-to-date. Collabspot prevents new leads from falling through the cracks by displaying correspondence history of any Highrise contact.

Install the extension by visiting the Collabspot website: . It also contains a success stories page that validates how helpful the extension really is.

Collabspot is for Google Chrome. It starts with a 15-day free trial, then plans start at $5/month afterwards.

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