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Etacts : Social Plugin for GMail to track how often you communicate with your contacts

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Etacts is another social plugin for GMail (a competitor for the Rapportive plugin) that works for Firefox and Google Chrome.

What is does is basically is adding a right column into your GMail web interface to automatically display a contact pannel regarding the person you are reading or writing an email.


Rapportive does exactly the same, showing a contact pannel at the same place, so you will have to choose your preferred contact manager addon

The added value of Etacts is that it keep tracks of how often and when you communicate with your friends and professional contacts.

Thus said, it means that it can help you to keep in touch with all your valuable pro contacts or forgotten friends !


But Etacts offered many more features to manage your contacts and emails :

With Etacts you can send an email and ask this contact manager to remind you to follow-up this communication if you don’t get an answer before a defined deadline ! Great GTD feature !

Using Etacts, you can get a direct view on lots of information about those who email you including:

  • log of your recent conversations
  • a graph of your contact history over time
  • the number of emails and calls to and from the person
  • their Facebook and LinkedIn information and many other services
  • latest tweets on their Twitter profile
  • links to their profiles on social networks
  • etc…

While browsing you contact history within Etacts, you can even send emails without leaving the Etacts website (without switching to GMail) to keep it fast and easy !

The bad news is that you obviously needs to grant Etacts access to your GMail account. But the service claims that it only downloads email headers to figure out who your most important contacts are  and when mails where sent. It doesn’t download entire messages, but with that access, it could someday… so it’s up to you to decide if you rather protect the confidentiality of your contacts or improve your contact management with the Etacts social plugin !

Link : Etacts

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