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Export contact email addresses from Facebook

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If you want to export your Facebook friends and contacts email addresses, you probably have already searched for a Facebook app that can plays the role of a Facebook contact manager, exporter of synchronizer.

The issue is that Facebook APIs don’t allow to expose email addresses of users, meaning non Facebook app can export contact data of your friends out of Facebook, which is quite annoying if you are expecting to manage your contacts including Facebook friends in a single place such as GMail contacts, Outlook contacts, iPhone contacts, Linkedin contacts


But there is a tip / workaround that can help you easily (as for now) export all your Facebook friends email addresses to any real contact manager software or web service.

  1. You will need a Yahoo email account (free registration by default if you don’t already have a Yahoo account)
  2. Then go to Yahoo mail contact import options
  3. Click the Facebook icon out of the contact import options
  4. A Facebook login pop-up appears to grant access to your Facebook account (provide your Facebook credentials at this stage)
  5. Normally all you entire Facebook address book will be available inside your Yahoo Mail Account
  6. Now you can easily export all your Yahoo Mail contacts by downloading a CSV file
  7. Do whatever suits you to import your Facebook contacts from this CSV file (into GMail, Outlook, or whatever contact manager you are using…they all have an import feature for CSV files)

Video that explains all the steps above:

In case of issue to export your Facebook contact email addresses:

  1. open your Facebook page
  2. choose “Application Settings”
  3. remove the “Yahoo! Contact Importer” application
  4. follow the 7 steps mentioned previously

(via Digital Inspiration)

Pour une fois c’est pas GMail ! Dommage :)

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