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How to export Linkedin contacts

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I you are looking for a simple way to backup or export your contact email addresses from Linkedin, then you will be happy to see how easy it is !


Actually there is no tip at all, but you have to know Linkedin is providing directly this export feature on its own website !


  1. Go to the Linkedin Contact Export page
  2. Select your output file format (or application) to save your Linkedin address book
  3. Click the Export button
  4. Import your Linkedin contact backup file to your prefered application

You can choose to export your contact email addresses to CSV orVCF files for several applications or websites :

  • Microsoft Outlook ( .CSV backup file )
  • Outlook Express ( .CSV backup file )
  • Yahoo! Mail ( .CSV backup file )
  • Mac OS X Address Book ( .VCF backup file )
  • vCard ( .VCF backup file )

And even better : Linkedin is also providing all the necessary explanation/instructions to import your addressbook backup to your prefered application !


For those of you who prefer watching howto videos rather than reading detailed explanations, here is a video showing how to export your linkedin contacts :

Linkedin Contact Export page

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