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Firefogg : Convert and Encore Ogg Theora Videos in Firefox

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How to convert and encode Ogg Theora video files right inside Firefox without further need to install an additional software on your computer ?

The solution is simple : just add the Firefogg plugin to your Firefox web browser, then Ogg Theora encoding and video conversion will be available from a  simple mouse click !



Ogg Theora is a free and open video compression file format from the Xiph.org Foundation. It can be used to distribute film and video online and on disc without the licensing and royalty fees or vendor lock-in associated with other video file formats.

Firefogg is a Firefox Plugin that allows you to convert videos in Ogg Theora format very simply, wihout any complex parameters (audio and video bitrates, image resolution, etc…) to configure (which is usually the issue when you need to convert or compress a video). For instance, you could use ffmpeg2theora for the same job, but it’s not really user friendly and you have to find your own way to configure it before you can properly convert your video files in Ogg Theora format !

Firefogg comes with presets configured to convert/encode/compress video files to make them viewable on the web.


  1. Once the plugin is installed, simply visit again Firefogg website and use the link « Make web video » available since the extension has been detected…
  2. Then click on « Select File » and browse on your hard drive up to the video file you want to convert.
  3. Then select « Encode to File » and wait until the video conversion is finished.

Install the Firefox Plugin Firefogg to convert and encode Ogg Theora Videos !


(via Korben)

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