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Firefox Contact Manager Plugin : New automatic & powerful features

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The Mozilla Contact Plugin for Firefox is regularly updated to support new webmails or social networks or add new features for easy integration and access of your whole contact address book within your prefered web browser !


This fantastic contact management add-on for Firefox is now supporting Yahoo Mail and Facebook contacts and is also adding experimental features such as the « person URL » which is creating dynamically a contact page for all you contacts.

The « person page » feature is automatically creating those contact pages by combining information from your address book and information found from the Internet. Currently, this automatic gathering feature is using:

  • Webfinger
  • HCard import
  • Google Social Graph
  • Facebook
  • Gravatar
  • Yelp
  • Amazon
  • Flickr

This is also something offered by the Rapportive plugin for GMail.

Another unique, great and practical feature from this new release of the Mozilla Contact Plugin for Firefox is the possibility to directly access a contact page by typing his name or email address in the Firefox address bar !


The firefox Awesome Bar will search for a contact within your address book while you are typing his/her name or email address and will thus offer auto-completion.

Try this new features by typing one of the following:

  • Type « person: » followed by the email address of one of your contact
  • Just start typing a contact’s name in the location bar and it will automatically suggest completions.
  • Start typing an email address of one of your contact and check the suggestions…

Tip: Even though this plugin is available through the Fierfox Tools menu, it can be usefull to get a shortcut. Just create a Shortcut with the address « chrome://people/content/manager.xul »

Mozilla Contact Plugin for Firefox is becoming a powerful contact manager tool !

(via Mozilla Labs)

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