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goPileus : simple File Sharing in the cloud

Catégorie(s): File Manager

goPileus is a simple File Sharing service that works with a simple Drag & Drop of the files you want to share.



If you just want to share big files (for instance huge attachement that can not pass with an email), you simply drag and drop your attachement, then goPileus provides you with a tiny link you can share with anyone via email, Twitter, Facebook, or any other communication software ! If you prefer a basic browsing window to select the file(s) to share, this is obviously also possible !

The link is active during 30 minutes if you are not registered with an account on the website.

If you want to keep the link valid longer than 30 minutes, you will need to create a free account.

With goPileus you can upload and share files of up to 50 Mo, which can remains a size limitation for many users. But with a free account you can also create boxes with many files and then share the link related to either one file or the whole box. With a box link, it will be possible to download all files shared within the box into a simple zip archive (that can be uncompressed online with WobZip).

The free account offers a free file sharing space of up to 1 Go.



Be aware not to share sensitive or private data, since by default, the only protection is the knowledge of the tiny link to download a file or zip archive, meaning anyone could guess this link…

Nevertheless, goPileus remains a simple and fast solution to share big files on the Internet !

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