L’Illusioniste : Bande originale du Film

Voici la musique du film L’illusioniste (The Illusionist en anglais).
Encore une très belle bande originale de film (BOF ou OST en anglais) par le compositeur Philip Glass

  1. The Illusionist .mp3
  2. Do You Know Me? .mp3
  3. Chance Encounter .mp3
  4. The Locket .mp3
  5. The Orange Tree .mp3
  6. The Mirror .mp3
  7. Wish I Would See You Again .mp3
  8. The Sword .mp3
  9. Meeting In The Carriage .mp3
  10. Sophie .mp3
  11. The Secret Plot .mp3
  12. Sophie’S Ride To The Castle .mp3
  13. The Accident .mp3
  14. The New Theater .mp3
  15. Frankel Appears .mp3
  16. A Shout From The Crowd .mp3
  17. Eisenheim Disappears .mp3
  18. The Search .mp3
  19. The Missing Gem .mp3
  20. The Chase .mp3
  21. Life In The Mountains .mp3

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