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How to configure multiple html signatures in GMail

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If you want to configure a rich-text signature for your GMail account, you are at the right place !

Some Firefox plugins or other external software was used by some GMail users to tweak their contact signature for years now, but finally the GMail team has decided to implement the possibility to edit an HTML signature directly within the web interface. This is a feature that was expected for long and it is available to everyone by default (and not as a « lab » feature this time !).

To access the configuration panel of your GMail HTML signature , it’s very easy :

1) First click on Settings on the top right corner of your screen:


2) Then go down to the « signature » and start editing your rich-text personal signature with your contact details with the WYSIWYG HTML editor:


3) You can add text with links such as your blog or company URL for instance :


4) You can also add an email « mailto » link in your signature (as commonly seen on many contact page of websites) :


5) You can add an image in your GMail signature as weel (maybe the logo of your company or a professional picture of yourself ?) :


6) When your brand new signature with your contact details is ready, just go down and click « save changes » and you’re done !


Multiple signatures in GMail ?

Yes, this is also possible to have multiple signatures in your GMail web interface !

Actually this is a bit tricky, because you can have only 1 signature per email address configured within GMail, but you can add email addresses…

To add another email addresse, go to « Settings / Send mail as » and follow the instructions to add multiple email addresses.

Then, back in the signature configuration, you will be able to create a different signature with differente contact details for each added email address !

via GMail official blog / http://gmailblog.blogspot.com/2010/07/rich-text-signatures.html

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