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Outlook Social Connector : Sync Social Networks with Outlook Contacts

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Microsoft Outlook is now opening to social networks with the Outlook Plugin entitled Outlook Social Connector.


Microsoft has posted on Wednesday a test version of its first Outlook plugin dedicated to professional social network Linkedin.

As for now, Outlook Social Connector is only available for the beta version of Outlook 2010.

It allows to find directly in Outlook inbox and contact list information from Linkedin such as:

  • profile status
  • invitations
  • messages
  • live updated contact details
  • picture of the correspondent
  • etc…

Microsoft also annouced it has signed an agreement with other Social Networks (Facebook and MySpace as for now), which soon will have their own « Social Connector » in the mail client of the Office suite, Outlook.

If you are already using the beta version of Outlook 2010, you just has to download the Linkedin Plugin for Outlook.

Users of Outlook with versions 2003 and 2007 of Microsoft Office may also install the following features for their client to extend Social Outlook Connector. (Only restriction : the latter is currently available in 32-bit version only).

Social Outlook Connector for Facebook and Myspace are expected « in the first half of 2010 ».

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