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Rapportive : social CRM built into GMail

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Rapportive is a Firefox and Chrome Plugin that replaces Google AdSense ads on the right within GMail into a nice and simple social CRM pannel.


Once installed on your prefered web browser, Rapportive is asking  for your agreement before accessing your GMail contact list :

You don’t have to give Rapportive your Gmail credentials, but the service asks you to login via secure Google Federated Login, or OpenID.

Then, each time you open an email, Rapportive checks email of your current contact and attempts to find his or her profile on social networks, then displays a summary.

Rapportive collects various social profiles from across the web to give an live updated overview of a particular persons activities, social connections and short bio.


The integration within GMail is a very simple way to have direct view on your contact social network connections without further registration on any additional service.

Last but not least, the startup is working on integration  with popular paid CRM and customer service systems that will help once again to manage contact lists with updated profiles, contact details, social network connections and activities.


Rapportive : http://rapportive.com

Via : The Next Web et Read Write Web

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