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If you want an easy way to share a link with your email address on any website without any risk to get your email recorded and spammed, then here is a great solution ! is a website that allows to create a short URL (like TinyURL) but with only one simple objective : Sharing your contact email address on any website with a spam-proof embedded protection !

Sharing a contact link with your email address is easier (and often more appreciated by your visitors) than setting-up a contact form and can be protected with a real captcha in the same way !

The website itself claims that you can :

Convert your email address into a short, cute and safe link you can share on the web, in Twitter, forums, Craigslist, anywhere

On the first page you simply have to fill-in your email address to be shared and a keyword for the short URL:


Then, directly give your brand new spam-proof contact link as well as codes to be embeded on any HTML page or Forum (BBcode):


When someone clicks on a contact link generated with he get the following page asking to check he his a reak human (and not a spambot sweepping the web for email addresses) :


After this captcha test, several links are offered to contact your with your real email address:

  1. An old school mailto link
  2. A link to send you a mail with GMail
  3. A Javascript link (bookmarklet) to copy the email address to clipboard

Ready to share your contact email on any website ?


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