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Slumdog Millionaire OST Original Soundtrack

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If you have seen and enjoyed the excellent movie Slumdog Millionaire you are probably looking for the Original Sountrack in audio CD or mp3 files.

This is indeed a great opportunity to discover indian music , even though the whole Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack can not be considered as indian music.

Forget about the commercial remix of main theme (Jai Ho) by the Pusscat Dolls (Jai Ho / You are my destiny) and widely spread over the radio…this is a shame…and nothing compared to the original music of the movie that I propose you to discover here !

MP3 Music Playlist from the motion picture Slumdog Millionaire :

  1. M.I.A. – O… Saya
  2. A.R. Rahman – Riots
  3. A.R. Rahman – Mausam & Escape
  4. M.I.A. – Paper Planes
  5. M.I.A. – Paper Planes (remix)
  6. A.R. Rahman – Ringa Ringa
  7. A.R. Rahman – Liquid Dance
  8. A.R. Rahman – Latika’s Theme
  9. Sonu Nigam – Aaj Ki Raat
  10. A.R. Rahman – Millionaire
  11. A.R. Rahman – Gangsta Blues
  12. A.R. Rahman – Dreams On Fire
  13. A.R. Rahman – Jai Ho

If you prefer to buy and download only the main theme of Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack in mp3 (Jai Ho) , you will miss a great opportunity to discover A.R. Rahman superb music that will remind you of the major parts of the movie…




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