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SnapPea : Manage your Android contacts and content from Windows

Catégorie(s): Mobile contacts, Update Contacts

SnapPea is one of these mobile applications that allow you to manage all your mobile content (music, pictures, contacts, etc) from a Windows PC !


To edit & update your contact details, it is way more convenient to use a real keyboard and a big screen, rather than doing it directly on you mobile phone ! This is one of the interesting features your will find with SnapPea !


This tool is free : first install the mobile version (only for Android) acting as a server, and then the client application (only available on Windows as for now). When you lauch SnapPea on your Android smartphone or tablet, you have to choose between a USB connection of over WIFI (which is more convenient…). For WIFI connection, a random code is generated and you will have to use this code to allow access from your Windows PC.

Once connected, every possible action is quite intuitive :

  • contact manager (practical feature : edit your Android contacts from Windows)
  • music manager (practical feature : import your iTunes music & playlists)
  • sms manager (send & review sms from Windows)
  • mobile applications download & installation from Windows

SnapPea is not a revolutionary application, but it is usefull for Android tablet & smartphone owners that want to manage it from Windows.

SnapPea : http://www.snappea.com

SnapPea alternative :  PhoneDeck mobile : sync & manage contacts calls & sms from the web


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