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Soocial : Sync and backup your webmail, Outlook and mobile phone contacts

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Soocial is a web service that simplify and increase your control over your contact address book.

In a nutshell, Soocial is a web application that lets you:

  • Sync contacts between your mobile phone, computer and webmail.
  • Backup all your contact address books in one go
  • Always have your friends’ newest information

The first step is to add connections to your preferred mobile, email software or webmail service and contact manager in order to :

  • sync your Windows Mobile contacts
  • sync your Microsoft Outlook contacts
  • sync your iPhone contacts
  • get your GMail contacts synced
  • sync with your Blackberry contacts
  • sync with your Apple’s Address Book contacts
  • get your Windows Live contacts synced
  • sync your Yahoo contacts
  • sync with your contacts from your Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung or other mobile phone

You can add all the connections you want through buttons on Soocial interface:


Depending on your choice of connections, you will have to grant access to your webmail, download and install a plugin or piece of software for contact synchronization. At any time, you can remove any connection if necessary.

Soocial will thus gather all your contact details in one place (on your private Soocial account) and will sync them with all your mobile device, computer or webmail accounts, anytime a change is applied.

On the Soocial webapp, you will be able to manage contacts and connections :

  • Add, edit, update contacts in the webapp
  • Remove or merge duplicates contacts
  • Search contacts
  • Manage your connections

Soocial is a “one stop shop” contact manager tool that of course enables to easily import or export your contact database in a single file.

A great added value with Soocial is also the possibility to create or restore a backups of your contacts manually or to program automatic backups of contact database.

Not yet convinced ? Maybe you will be with a short video presentation of Soocial :


A nice development would be the possibility to import, sync and backup Facebook contacts.

The Soocial service has been discontinued.

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