How to export Linkedin contacts

I you are looking for a simple way to backup or export your contact email addresses from Linkedin, then you will be happy to see how easy it is ! Actually there is no tip at all, but you have to know Linkedin is providing directly this export feature on its own website ! Go … Lire la suite

Etacts : Social Plugin for GMail to track how often you communicate with your contacts

Etacts is another social plugin for GMail (a competitor for the Rapportive plugin) that works for Firefox and Google Chrome. What is does is basically is adding a right column into your GMail web interface to automatically display a contact pannel regarding the person you are reading or writing an email. Rapportive does exactly the … Lire la suite

Outlook Social Connector : Sync Social Networks with Outlook Contacts

Microsoft Outlook is now opening to social networks with the Outlook Plugin entitled Outlook Social Connector. Microsoft has posted on Wednesday a test version of its first Outlook plugin dedicated to professional social network Linkedin. As for now, Outlook Social Connector is only available for the beta version of Outlook 2010. It allows to find … Lire la suite