Etacts : Social Plugin for GMail to track how often you communicate with your contacts

Etacts is another social plugin for GMail (a competitor for the Rapportive plugin) that works for Firefox and Google Chrome. What is does is basically is adding a right column into your GMail web interface to automatically display a contact pannel regarding the person you are reading or writing an email. Rapportive does exactly the … Lire la suite

Firefox Contact Manager Plugin : New automatic & powerful features

The Mozilla Contact Plugin for Firefox is regularly updated to support new webmails or social networks or add new features for easy integration and access of your whole contact address book within your prefered web browser ! This fantastic contact management add-on for Firefox is now supporting Yahoo Mail and Facebook contacts and is also … Lire la suite

Gist Outlook plugin : connect all your contact sources and follow their activity

Gist is an online service that allows you to connect your contact sources / email including: GMail LinkedIn Salesforce Twitter Facebook etc As a powerful contact manager and prioritization tools, Gist allows to : Centralize all your contact details in one single place Get updates about all your contacts and their companies inside Outlook Quickly … Lire la suite

Add a contact management plugin to Firefox

Mozilla Labs has revealed a Contact Management plugin for Firefox that can already be downloaded and installed within your Firefox web browser ! The Contacts add-on (or plugin) integrates with local and web-based address books to bring all of a user’s contact data into a single database, which can then be used by browser extensions … Lire la suite