Business Card Reader for iPhone

If you are looking for an easy way to record business cards on your iPhone, then you can’t miss this mobile application ! I have been using the iPhone app called Cardreader for months and I don’t want any other way of managing my contacts… Cardreader is like a Business Card Scanner in your pocket … Lire la suite

Soocial : Sync and backup your webmail, Outlook and mobile phone contacts

Soocial is a web service that simplify and increase your control over your contact address book. In a nutshell, Soocial is a web application that lets you: Sync contacts between your mobile phone, computer and webmail. Backup all your contact address books in one go Always have your friends’ newest information The first step is … Lire la suite

Outlook Social Connector : Sync Social Networks with Outlook Contacts

Microsoft Outlook is now opening to social networks with the Outlook Plugin entitled Outlook Social Connector. Microsoft has posted on Wednesday a test version of its first Outlook plugin dedicated to professional social network Linkedin. As for now, Outlook Social Connector is only available for the beta version of Outlook 2010. It allows to find … Lire la suite