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Uncompress archive files online with Wobzip

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With WobZip you can uncompress files online without any software installation needed on your computer !


WobZip is a free online web service that offers uncompression of files.

You can uncompress archives from your computer (you will thus have to select the archive to upload from your prefered web browser) or you can simply provide the URL (web address) of the archive file from the Internet you want to be uncompressed (unzip, unrar, …).


Many compression formats are supported by WobZip :

  • 7z
  • ZIP
  • GZIP
  • BZIP2
  • TAR
  • RAR
  • CAB
  • ISO
  • ARJ
  • Z
  • CPIO
  • RPM
  • DEB
  • NSIS

Archive protected with password are also supported by WobZip. For file hosted online, you simply have to add the password of the archive to the URL : very easy !

2 useful ways of using WobZip:

1) Imagine you have an archive file (for instance a RAR file) but no software to uncompress it on your computer (or maybe only the possibility to unzip archives). Upload your RAR archive to WobZip then download all the content in a fresh ZIP archive directly…

2) You found a huge archive hosted online with many files, but you are only interested in downloading 1 file within the archive. Then provide the URL to WobZip that will offer you to download only the file you are interested in within the initial archive file.

Go to WobZip.

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