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VoiceFeed : manage and personalise your voicemail for each contact

Catégorie(s): Mobile contacts

Imagine you could personnalise your voicemail for each contact within your address book on your mobile phone !


That’s the main innovative feature brought by the brand new mobile application VoiceFeed !

VoiceFeed is an innovation for voicemail, but also a new way to communicate while you are not available, providing that you can configure a specific message for each situation, while it remains personalized with the name of your contact !

What you can do with VoiceFeed :

  • Listen to your voicemails in one click: As soon as you have received a new voicemail, you can listen to it directly within the app. This allows you also to skip non important messages, and listen directly to important messages recorded by your prefered contacts, since you can see them all in a list. This bring a visual and interactive interface to voicemail on your mobile phone !
  • Tailor your greetings to specific callers or even groups: of contacts (family, friends, customers, colleagues, etc..). Why should your partner be greeted with the same boring “Hi, you are on David’s voicemail etc..”. From now on you can give friends, parents or colleagues different greetings – the personal touch means people won’t be tempted to hang up rather than leaving a message, and you won’t miss out on an important message!
  • Type your greeting message if you’re too busy to record it: and On Voicefeed’s automated text-to-voice service will get to work and create the greeting for you.
  • Use “tags” if you’re too lazy to customise your typed message: Simply type “Hi & firstname” and your caller will hear “Hi John…” etc – this is really useful if you’re stuck in a meeting or if you just don’t want people to hear your voice!


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